Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Little Things... or eyebrows on fleek

The little things really are the big things!

My eyebrows that thinned and thinned, and began to truly disappear after my last big chemo treatment - are actually beginning to return!

I looked at myself in the mirror after showering this morning and thought my eyebrow pencil was clogging my eyebrow pores. I thought, "uh oh, that can't be good for my skin" So I scrubbed them clean again, and the dark haze wouldn't budge.

Do my eyes deceive me? are my brows really filling in and growing back?
I promptly burst into tears.  Tears of joy and hope and promise!

From Simply Gluten Free Magazine 
Jan/Feb 2014

Yes, I know in the scheme of recent things - eyebrows are pretty low in the pecking order. Except, it turns out, they're not.

Seeing fresh dark tiny hairs sprouting thickly on my brow line is like the first peek of crocuses through the snow after the longest, coldest winter of your life.

It is promise
It is hope
It is growth
It is re-birth
It. Is. Life.

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Doll Barnes said...

Beutifully said. It really is about the small things. Sometimes we focus on the ‘big things’ and end up passing over the small joys which have a way of filling us up, drop by small drop.