Monday, October 28, 2013

Mantle Monday - Ready for Halloween!

Preparing for Halloween, my 7 year old helped me decorate the mantle this weekend, or maybe I was helping her.  Based on her pumpkin snowman, I believe she may already have Christmas on her mind!!

Some produce from the farm stand, a piece of Mommy's art, a sparkling orange and black boa, and of course a little bit of self-adhesive bling!  And the Vampire Queen is happy! and the rock star, and Cleopatra (depending on the event).

Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

My Love Affair with Lettuce

It's no secret among my friends and family know how I feel about lettuce!  I can eat it, in fact I love a good salad - but, touching it has been an issue since High School.
Yes. Touching it!
For almost as long as I can remember touching lettuce - with my hands - has made me gag. 
Yes. It's weird.
Touching it. Cleaning it. Cutting it. 
All a major problem.
I was so happy when bagged, washed lettuce came on the scene.  I could have salads at home with a minimum of interaction with my hands.
I got used to people looking at me sideways when I couldn't touch the leaves - and never found any explanation (until recently).  Romaine and Iceberg were at the top of my list of Please-don't-make-me-touch-them.
Happy with my dark leafy greens in the bag I ate salads at home all the time.

Then, along came my gluten-free life, (now pretty much grain free)... and I was out of sandwich and bun options.
Until I happened upon a burger wrapped in iceberg lettuce.
Then I discovered the beauty of the lettuce wraps at PF Changs. And, romaine lettuce as a wrap with tuna salad, chicken salad, scrambled eggs... the possibilities are endless!  
But, obviously for these purposes the lettuce had to be touched to be eaten. And I was touching them - without triggering the reaction I had gotten for decades! 

Recently an occupational therapist we know explained that my reaction to touching lettuce sounded like a sensory issue.  
A sensory issue that has faded the longer I am gluten-free.
So bring on the romaine!! And let the salad games begin!

Check out this yummy recipe I found for grilled romaine at The Daily Apple... might have to make this tonight!

Sketching Romaine

"romaine lettuce studies" watercolor sketch 9"x12"

As I struggle through an allergic haze today, precious little has been accomplished!  And, in passing moments of clarity I am frustrated by this as I have a pile of art assignments needing my time and attention.

So instead of staring blankly at a wall (or FB) I cracked open my trusty sketchbook and painted before I ate lunch... focusing on the romaine leaves as they were an infinitely more interesting subject than the tuna salad!  

Happily, this shook me out of my haze long enough to get a few things done.