Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming of Age, A GF Story

My husband had been preparing for an author event  so we were discussing his book, Patches of Grey.  He asked me for my synopsis of his book. The core of which is a coming of age story and we talked of the events that brought Tony, the main character, of age.

Everyone has their own coming of age story. The event or events that made, or forced, them to grow up. That which had a tremendous impact on your ideas, values, perspective, and how you moved forward in life. For some it is a slow easing in, others are thrown in abruptly.

I 'came of age' when my mother died of stomach cancer just after she turned 48. I was 21 and about to graduate college. Living that experience had a profound effect on who I am today.

I believe I 'came of age' again when I chose to live gluten-free against a whole slew of opposition. But, I had learned at 21 the tremendous importance of health, not to believe everything a doctor told me, and that life can be fleeting - and unexpectedly short. I also learned to listen to myself and trust my thoughts, feelings, and the signals from my body. 
And, to challenge the status quo. 
So, I changed my diet, and got my health and vitality back. It was the missing link I had been in search of since losing my mom.

What is your coming of age story? I would love to hear it!

Updated Jan 24, 2014

Monday, July 26, 2010

#9 of 52 Week Challenge

"The Roman Goddess I", watercolor on paper, 9x12, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

There was no dream or vision this week though I did feel compelled to paint this statuesque goddess. I am unsure where I am headed with this, but I have a vague sense of a series beginning to form in my imagination. And, this may be a stepping stone.

The feeling is vague enough to be kind of scary. Scary, why? Not knowing why, not knowing where I'm headed, or if it will turn out right is unsettling... If it's not right it means it will be -wrong? So, it circles back to fear of failure I suppose.

And if I may, it is similar to starting a gluten-free diet. Where am I headed? Will it turn out right, or well? Will people understand? Is it worth it? Will I fail? I easily connect the two since I painted this while feeling the adverse effects of recent multiple trace glutenings. And, I ALWAYS doubt my work, my thoughts, and my actions when I am under the effects of gluten!

My art and my diet are both journeys - learning and exploring, where I actively make the choice to tune out the noise, face the fears, and follow my gut - literally and figuratively.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

#8 of 52 Week Challenge

Made it to #8. I was not sure if these could be considered a full contribution (I did the illustrations in the past), but since I did create these wood panels this week AND, I am in charge of the challenge - I decided it counts! yay!

I am in love with these wood panels so am looking for ways to use them. They are just too damn cute and touchable. This set are all 4"x4". I painted the face white and the edges black then mounted reproductions of my illustrations.
They look terrific in our living room. Making a small but bold statement.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week #7 of 52 Week Challenge

"Eye to Eye" watercolor on paper, 8x10, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering


The giraffe is finished and I feel like celebrating and crying (crying from joy, release and relief). I placed him on a shelf where we could view him, wiped my tears, and opened a bottle of wine.

Somehow, I turned a corner with this painting. A BIG corner. My demons were lurking but I faced them, and more importantly, got past them. The demons that try to derail the vision. The demons that make me question my ability. The demons that say there isn't enough time. The demons who torture me into thinking it is never quite finished.

It may be one little 8x10 watercolor painting but it is a giant step for me.

And, now it's time to start the next one!

Monday, July 12, 2010

week #7 - still in progress

Here he is... about half way there...

I decided to take a step back. Clear my mind. And, wait for direction. Strangely, I am okay with showing a painting in progress... something that has always been difficult for me. Maybe he's not really mine - definitely getting direction from a higher source on this one.

Very interesting process -can't wait to see how he turns out!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Giraffe in progress for Week #7

Last week as I was about to fall asleep a fully executed painting popped into my head. A giraffe. Cropped close in on his face. Looking up at him from the ground. Like we saw at Wild Safari Great adventure last summer as our car was surrounded by giraffes.

And that giraffe has been poking and prodding me all week - paint me, paint me, paint me. Driving me almost to distraction. Tuesday I finally had an opportunity to start the drawing and instead of following the vision, my logical brain took over (big mistake)..... hmm I thought, it's a giraffe, so must be a vertical format. Must incorporate the neck, right? It's logical.

And so I sat literally fighting my hand - think Steve Martin in "All of Me" when Lily Tomlin's spirit takes up residence in his body. Hilarious scene - not so funny when its my art. So I struggled and struggled - not feeling it! Not a bad drawing but not what I imagined.
Frustrated. Very frustrated.

I put it aside and took a fresh look last night. Took my camera and cropped in tight just like the painting that has been dominating my imagination.
And there it was.
The image that has been haunting me, chasing me, demanding to be brought to life - in watercolor. And I feel energized and at peace all at the same time! And am ready to paint it tonight!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Week #6 of 52 Week Challenge

"Zebra 3", acrylic on wood panel, 8x8, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

Well, I got back on the proverbial horse, or shall I say Zebra? And created this right after the mess I made of the sheep. One bad painting does not a bad painter make.

This time I sat in my studio, quieted my mind, and let the muse direct me. My zebra series asked to be completed. In acrylic. On a wood panel. I respectfully listened and 2 hours later a finished painting looked back at me. I was drained but felt good. Deep down good. And the zebra seems pleased.

From now on, I will listen.