Monday, July 26, 2010

#9 of 52 Week Challenge

"The Roman Goddess I", watercolor on paper, 9x12, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

There was no dream or vision this week though I did feel compelled to paint this statuesque goddess. I am unsure where I am headed with this, but I have a vague sense of a series beginning to form in my imagination. And, this may be a stepping stone.

The feeling is vague enough to be kind of scary. Scary, why? Not knowing why, not knowing where I'm headed, or if it will turn out right is unsettling... If it's not right it means it will be -wrong? So, it circles back to fear of failure I suppose.

And if I may, it is similar to starting a gluten-free diet. Where am I headed? Will it turn out right, or well? Will people understand? Is it worth it? Will I fail? I easily connect the two since I painted this while feeling the adverse effects of recent multiple trace glutenings. And, I ALWAYS doubt my work, my thoughts, and my actions when I am under the effects of gluten!

My art and my diet are both journeys - learning and exploring, where I actively make the choice to tune out the noise, face the fears, and follow my gut - literally and figuratively.

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