Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Beach Baby, sketch

"Beach Baby" rough sketch, 8x10, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

Our little girl is most definitely a beach baby!  She believes that the beach is the greatest place on earth, well, maybe second only to an amusement park!

But, a day at the beach for her is really like going on vacation.  The water, the shells, sounds of crashing waves, the planes going by pulling ad banners, the bright umbrellas, all the kids, and last but certainly not least... the potential for sand castles!  

I think when she first approaches a new beach she imagines great big elaborate fantastical castles... with moats, towers, windows, and flags flying!  She never quite gets there, as that rhythmic, pounding surf continues to call her in and away from that castle of her dreams.

No matter, there is always next time!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life is Short - be sure to LIVE!

Sadly, I was reminded this week again how short and precious life can be.  

I am very much an advocate of healthy eating and lifestyle choices, but sometimes, you know what, you just should eat the cupcake!  
And truly enjoy it - without guilt.
(As long as it is still within the safety range of your food intolerance.  I think 'cheating' on your allergies and intolerance is crazy - Pure crazy!)

For me the biggest and best treat of all is feeling healthy, energized, pain-free, and happy. And being able to do things that bring me joy.

Life IS Short... so take a chance, take a class, go back to school, tell him you love him, ask her to marry you, step out of your comfort zone, commit to eating healthy, commit to exercise, take a vacation, laugh, dance, dust off your resume, try something new, get out of the house, and off the computer, turn off the TV, take the leap, and as Nike says, "Find your greatness" and "Just DO it!"

Life is Short - eat the cupcake!

Red Hot Kitchen - Red Hot Peppers

"Red Peppers, Balanced Diet", watercolor & ink on paper, 8x10, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

I love painting peppers!  They are so sculptural, curvy, and yes - sensual!  Quite often resembling a body stretching, bending or relaxing. And, absolutely vibrating with color!  They almost glow in the sunlight... and that is natural antioxidant color.
Gorgeous, crisp and refreshing.

This illustration was bouncing around in my head for a while before I gave it the opportunity to be born on paper. (not sure why I hold them in so long sometimes).  But, once it burst to life on paper it made me want a red kitchen.

I put together this fun collection as I dreamed of what my crimson kitchen might look like...

'Red Hot Kitchen' by  eringopaint

Vintage Red Apron with White...

vintage Dutch canister set, ...

Red Pink Vintage Handmade Wo...

Vintage Tomato Slicer

Food Buy It With Thought Vin...

Star Home Decor / Whimsical...

Heirloom Tomatoes Art print ...

Red blue nuno felted blouse,...

Organic Jam Gift Basket of F...

CIJ SALE Crochet Strawberry ...

Red and Brown Floral Oven Mi...

Vintage Metal TV Tray Marchi...

Red Apple Sugar Cookies

CIJ SALE. Linen table runner...

food photography tomato &quo...

2 Small Pyrex Milk Glass Des...