Thursday, July 26, 2012

Life is Short - be sure to LIVE!

Sadly, I was reminded this week again how short and precious life can be.  

I am very much an advocate of healthy eating and lifestyle choices, but sometimes, you know what, you just should eat the cupcake!  
And truly enjoy it - without guilt.
(As long as it is still within the safety range of your food intolerance.  I think 'cheating' on your allergies and intolerance is crazy - Pure crazy!)

For me the biggest and best treat of all is feeling healthy, energized, pain-free, and happy. And being able to do things that bring me joy.

Life IS Short... so take a chance, take a class, go back to school, tell him you love him, ask her to marry you, step out of your comfort zone, commit to eating healthy, commit to exercise, take a vacation, laugh, dance, dust off your resume, try something new, get out of the house, and off the computer, turn off the TV, take the leap, and as Nike says, "Find your greatness" and "Just DO it!"

Life is Short - eat the cupcake!

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