Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Conjuring up the Sun

Tired of so much gray and rainy weather I decided to paint another Gerbera and create my own sunshine today.

Strangely enough as I completed the painting the sun made a full and bright appearance in the sky.  So happy to see my Gerbera finished and to see the SUN!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

3 Year Gluten-Free Anniversary!

Three years ago today I practically crawled into the kitchen in tears to make dinner. I had just had one of those lightning bolt ah ha moment courtesy of my then 2 year old. It was the time of day that the bone pain would start escalating and I was especially emotional.

I stood in the middle of my kitchen and vowed to clear every trace of gluten from my diet. No matter what it took as I could no longer live in this level of pain. And was afraid my living would be cut short if I didn't do something.

I was somewhat, but not fully, prepared for this journey. And the first few months were rocky. I had a whole lot of healing to do. And even more to learn.

But I did it. One step at a time, one day at a time… learning, digging, investigating and questioning every step of the way. It wasn't easy. And it took months to see change but I was deeply committed.

After 4 months the changes were apparent. And then again at about 8 months - when I knew for sure the dedication was more than worth it.

And, it kept getting easier. And simpler. As I learned more and took more control. And healed. Now I stand strong 3 years later and can not believe I feel younger and better than I did 3 yrs ago, 5yrs ago- even better than10 yrs ago!!! So we have been celebrating all weekend.

And I share my celebration with a sale on all my gluten-free and food art in my etsy shop.
Cheers to all!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gluten Free art - Anniversary sale

Personalized Gluten free Kitchen print, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

On April 17th I will be celebrating my 3 year gluten-free anniversary.  Three years ago Sunday I took my life back.  Best damn decision I have ever made!

In honor of this date, and all that it has done for me, all of my gluten-free and food art will be on sale.  Helping to spread the word and keeping others motivated and positive.
Stay tuned....

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Starting Over

 "Running" ink on paper, from my sketchbook, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

"I ran regularly for over 15 yrs. I usually ended a run by icing my knees, and often taking a nap. One 6k race I collapsed at the finish line. People asked why I ran. My answer was always the same… "because I can".

I couldn't describe the high... The release, the freedom, the joy, the order it created in my thoughts, finding resolutions, or making peace with what couldn't change. Being grounded, alive, refreshed. It was my moving meditation even as it became more and more difficult to do.

Until Sunday it had been over 4 years since I went for a run. Broken ankle, torn calf, surgery, back problems, sciatica, foot pain, joint pain, bone pain and constant fatigue made it seem like running would forever be the thing I 'used to do'. I didn't realize until recently how much gluten consumption was destroying my ability to run.

Until Sunday. We went as a family to the cross-country path at the high school.  And I ran. It never felt so good. I didn't go very far but I learned a long time ago that the tortoise always gets to the finish line. It is the beginning again.  And I am still on a high from that run."

I wrote this post 2 years ago.  At the time I thought I was back running regularly... but I still had much strength and health to gain.  This morning I started - again.  And, just days away from my 3 year gluten-free anniversary I still continue to improve.  I can't believe how much better I feel each day... and how much my joints have improved.  So though it was rainy, windy and cold I was out there hitting the pavement - and loving it.  
It is never too late to start - again!!

I run because I am healthy
I run because I am gluten free.
I run because I can!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisies are joyful flowers.  Bursting with color. Exploding with vibrant life.  Truly my favorite. My hubby knows to pass on the roses for Valentine's Day, and go straight to these bright happy faces.

Oddly enough I have never painted them before.  Maybe I was a little intimidated since they are so amazing to me.  I was afraid I couldn't capture it.   
But my sketch gave me hope. As did my first yellow wash.

But about half way through this painting I was thinking that maybe I just couldn't do it justice.  

So I stepped away, made a pot of chili and cleared my head.  Then I returned to the studio fresh... to crop, to detail, to wash in more color, more glazes.  
And I got what I came for.