Friday, February 17, 2012

Small Steps

It can be very difficult to change the way you eat.  And, many struggle with the transition to a gluten-free diet.  It takes thought, planning, never-ending label reading, and time.

It can be a daunting task to face.  Overwhelming.  It can feel too too big. And, you think... "I can't do this!"
But, what if you took it one day at a time?

One day. Today.

Just eat well, today.  Make good choices, today. 
Do it today and it will bring you one step closer to where you want to be - and need to be.  

I read a very inspiring article at The Skool of Life titled "Give it one More Day and Take Another Step Forward"
This article resonated with me - speaking to my art, my health, my parenting... and how I saw my gluten-free transition.
Everyday was one step forward - and one step closer!
I stuck with it, kept stepping... and ended up where I wanted and needed to be!

Just give it one more day.....

Looking for some sunshine...

Yesterday was grey and gloomy. 
Today we face another murky morning.  
Right now the sun is struggling to break through, but so far the clouds are winning that battle.  I am rooting for the sun- and brightness and light and warmth!   All that good stuff!

This time of year I crave sunlight.  A few gray days in a row really get to me.  So I am searching for sunshine wherever I can find it!

I could cozy up in this kitchen in a heartbeat!!  I can almost feel the sun coming in those windows!!  And, while I'm dreaming... how lovely would it be to make my coffee in this kitchen and then curl up into this window seat....  ahhhh!

Me and my rhino would fit right in!!

Wishing you a sunny yellow day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Roses Please

The first time I told my husband I didn't want roses for Valentine's Day he thought it was a test.  Like, you say you don't want them but you really do and I am supposed to buy anyway kind of a thing?  or what?
Nope, not a test. Just no roses for me. 

But - what I would like is Calla Lilies or Gerbera Daisies.
Not that I have anything against roses but I LOVE Calla Lilies and Gerberas!  Love them! 
Inspired by them!
Calla Lilies for their sculptural shape, sleek lines and sophistication.

Gerberas for their color, their joyfulness.

And, if you can't find them for Valentine's day - a week later is okay.  Or as in the vase pictured above a random day in January he surprised me one evening!  Those are the best kind!

Happy Valentine's Day!  
May your day be filled with love and light and color!