Friday, February 17, 2012

Looking for some sunshine...

Yesterday was grey and gloomy. 
Today we face another murky morning.  
Right now the sun is struggling to break through, but so far the clouds are winning that battle.  I am rooting for the sun- and brightness and light and warmth!   All that good stuff!

This time of year I crave sunlight.  A few gray days in a row really get to me.  So I am searching for sunshine wherever I can find it!

I could cozy up in this kitchen in a heartbeat!!  I can almost feel the sun coming in those windows!!  And, while I'm dreaming... how lovely would it be to make my coffee in this kitchen and then curl up into this window seat....  ahhhh!

Me and my rhino would fit right in!!

Wishing you a sunny yellow day!

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