Tuesday, February 14, 2012

No Roses Please

The first time I told my husband I didn't want roses for Valentine's Day he thought it was a test.  Like, you say you don't want them but you really do and I am supposed to buy anyway kind of a thing?  or what?
Nope, not a test. Just no roses for me. 

But - what I would like is Calla Lilies or Gerbera Daisies.
Not that I have anything against roses but I LOVE Calla Lilies and Gerberas!  Love them! 
Inspired by them!
Calla Lilies for their sculptural shape, sleek lines and sophistication.

Gerberas for their color, their joyfulness.

And, if you can't find them for Valentine's day - a week later is okay.  Or as in the vase pictured above a random day in January he surprised me one evening!  Those are the best kind!

Happy Valentine's Day!  
May your day be filled with love and light and color!

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