Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Girl and her Doll

The late afternoon sun is casting long warm shadows through the window.

The child sits in a moment of rare quiet and stillness.  Tenderly holding her favorite doll.
Whispering quiet secrets to the doll… her baby, her best friend, sister, confidant ... Changeable at a moments notice.  But, always steadfast and sweet.
The secrets will forever be safe with her.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

4 Years Gluten Free!

This week I am celebrating my 4 year anniversary!  
FOUR years dedicated to no gluten.  

The improvements keep coming, it continues to get easier, and what I am capable in my life of keeps growing.  
The food we enjoy is fresh, delicious, and abundant.
It is a beautiful thing!

I continue to be very sensitive to cross contamination and even small accidental gluten - but the reactions now are much less severe than in the beginning.  And I am grateful for that.

I am deeply thankful to my daughter for providing my ah ha! moment.  She is a gem and a joy - and eating well gives me the energy and spirit to be the Mom I strive to be, and that she deserves.  Present and pain free.

One of the most profound changes for me is when I removed the gluten - I removed the migraines that had viciously plagued me since I was 12.  Since I was twelve years old I had lived a life of frequent debilitating migraines.  Over 30 years of trying everything under the sun!

Now they are a rare occurrence.

The migraines went from 1 - 4 per week, down to 3 or 4 per year!!  And if I get accidental gluten, it will trigger a migraine.  Without it, I am clear.

So, I am off to enjoy my 4-year mark and joyfully will be able to include red wine and chocolate in my celebration!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Passion in the History

A lot has been said on following your passion, and creating what you love.  When I think back to school and was studying Fashion Design my absolute favorite course was Fashion History!
 "Retro SwimSuits 1920s", copyright Erin Rogers Pickering
I could not wait to go each week.
I was consumed by it. 
I was so interested that most of what I learned 30 yrs ago is still fresh in my memory. And for each Period we studied we got to create a garment of our own design from that period.  
Illustrated and rendered in watercolor, which is when I learned to adore, and respect, watercolor.  I could have taken this course over and over! 
I am smiling ear to ear while writing this as I remember that time.
 "Flapper's Closet" copyright Erin Rogers Pickering
This kind of project brought me nothing but joy!
So, I am revisiting it now... And am loving every minute of it! 
The research, sketches, inking, painting - and immersing myself in the time period.
"Edwardian Corsets" copyright Erin Rogers Pickering
Thinking of the history, the social norms - and restrictions, of the time… and how fashion played a part in all of it.
Total joy creating this art, and truly thankful to be in my present where I am free to live the life I live, and create the art that I love.