Thursday, April 5, 2012

Passion in the History

A lot has been said on following your passion, and creating what you love.  When I think back to school and was studying Fashion Design my absolute favorite course was Fashion History!
 "Retro SwimSuits 1920s", copyright Erin Rogers Pickering
I could not wait to go each week.
I was consumed by it. 
I was so interested that most of what I learned 30 yrs ago is still fresh in my memory. And for each Period we studied we got to create a garment of our own design from that period.  
Illustrated and rendered in watercolor, which is when I learned to adore, and respect, watercolor.  I could have taken this course over and over! 
I am smiling ear to ear while writing this as I remember that time.
 "Flapper's Closet" copyright Erin Rogers Pickering
This kind of project brought me nothing but joy!
So, I am revisiting it now... And am loving every minute of it! 
The research, sketches, inking, painting - and immersing myself in the time period.
"Edwardian Corsets" copyright Erin Rogers Pickering
Thinking of the history, the social norms - and restrictions, of the time… and how fashion played a part in all of it.
Total joy creating this art, and truly thankful to be in my present where I am free to live the life I live, and create the art that I love. 

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dee dee said...

Love your illustrations/ paintings! Doing what you love shows in all you do!
dee dee