Thursday, July 29, 2010

Coming of Age, A GF Story

My husband had been preparing for an author event  so we were discussing his book, Patches of Grey.  He asked me for my synopsis of his book. The core of which is a coming of age story and we talked of the events that brought Tony, the main character, of age.

Everyone has their own coming of age story. The event or events that made, or forced, them to grow up. That which had a tremendous impact on your ideas, values, perspective, and how you moved forward in life. For some it is a slow easing in, others are thrown in abruptly.

I 'came of age' when my mother died of stomach cancer just after she turned 48. I was 21 and about to graduate college. Living that experience had a profound effect on who I am today.

I believe I 'came of age' again when I chose to live gluten-free against a whole slew of opposition. But, I had learned at 21 the tremendous importance of health, not to believe everything a doctor told me, and that life can be fleeting - and unexpectedly short. I also learned to listen to myself and trust my thoughts, feelings, and the signals from my body. 
And, to challenge the status quo. 
So, I changed my diet, and got my health and vitality back. It was the missing link I had been in search of since losing my mom.

What is your coming of age story? I would love to hear it!

Updated Jan 24, 2014


Josh said...

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Jacqueline said...

I just went to a wonderful new pizza place, Malawi Pizza and they are making a gluten free crust! I have friends who have whole families who have to be gluen free. This place also gives a meal to orphans in Africa for every meal purchased. I thought that was wonderful.

I am not sure I have come of age yet. I still feel like a teenager inside. I guess mine would have to be having children. That helps push you along!

erin rogers pickering said...

Jacqueline - thanks so much for the pizza recommendation!!!

And for sharing your coming of age thoughts - yes, nothing like making you feel like a 'grown-up' than having children. :-0