Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Giraffe in progress for Week #7

Last week as I was about to fall asleep a fully executed painting popped into my head. A giraffe. Cropped close in on his face. Looking up at him from the ground. Like we saw at Wild Safari Great adventure last summer as our car was surrounded by giraffes.

And that giraffe has been poking and prodding me all week - paint me, paint me, paint me. Driving me almost to distraction. Tuesday I finally had an opportunity to start the drawing and instead of following the vision, my logical brain took over (big mistake)..... hmm I thought, it's a giraffe, so must be a vertical format. Must incorporate the neck, right? It's logical.

And so I sat literally fighting my hand - think Steve Martin in "All of Me" when Lily Tomlin's spirit takes up residence in his body. Hilarious scene - not so funny when its my art. So I struggled and struggled - not feeling it! Not a bad drawing but not what I imagined.
Frustrated. Very frustrated.

I put it aside and took a fresh look last night. Took my camera and cropped in tight just like the painting that has been dominating my imagination.
And there it was.
The image that has been haunting me, chasing me, demanding to be brought to life - in watercolor. And I feel energized and at peace all at the same time! And am ready to paint it tonight!!

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