Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Food and Fairy Tales

Sneak peek of "Snow White" 8x10. watercolor & ink, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

My daughter, a few months shy of four, loves fairy tales. Fairy tales, fables, myths – you name it.  Books, stories, videos, movies, toys. The fantasies and characters seem to swirl and dance through our home, ever present.  They peek and lurk around books, by the princesses found at every turn, and near the dragons, knights, castles, unicorns,  and - more princesses, that dictate our decor.

I was inspired to illustrate her as the princesses and heroines of her favorite stories so that the big "D" wouldn't be her sole source of how a princess can look.

Inspired and driven.

And as I started to create them, some with my own twist of knowing, and a pinch of my daughter’s wit and imagination, it occurred to me how many of the stories have food as an integral factor… Food that is the distraction, the downfall, the carrier of poison, or the evil lure.

Ah, and so my circle back to celiac and gluten.

To be continued…

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Paper Words said...

beautiful illustration, Erin. Can't wait to what comes next!