Thursday, May 19, 2011

Snap Crackle and Pop!

"Snap!" pencil on paper, 3x5, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

Rice krispies. I grew up on them. I had 2 favorite cereals as a kid, and this was one! As an adult it continued to be a favorite breakfast - and dinner in a pinch.

But I hadn't had them in 10 years.  Not since stripping most gluten out of my diet. (It wasn't until 3 yrs ago that I learned I needed to go completely gf).

Because gluten is everywhere and seemingly in every big brand produced food, no matter what it is, I eat more and more food from the smaller companies. Those companies that safely produce for gluten intolerance (read NO shared facilities). So I was hesitant when I first heard about Kellogg’s coming out with Gluten Free Rice Krispies!  Really?!

And then I heard they are using a GF facility! Now I was getting interested.

I was sent a complimentary trial box - and got very excited. You mean I was going to get to eat a childhood staple?! Safely?!    Cue nostalgia and teary eyes. Truly.

My first bowl was a bit of an event with sliced bananas and a touch of honey. Once the milk hit the bowl the very familiar crackling started. They looked and sounded the same. My fingers were crossed under the table as I took the first taste… Ahhh. Exactly the same as I remembered. Delicious. So I munched my way thru the bowl, and down memory lane.

Thank you Kellogg’s.

PS- my 5 year old who eats GF too fell in love with them. And a friend who was recently diagnosed with celiac almost cried when I gave her a box. She is thrilled with them and only stopped long enough to say "yummy!"

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Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! My 14 year old son was recently diagnosed with Celiac, he also has severe food allergies. It has been a challenge but we are doing okay so far. Hardest part is when he is hanging out with friends.