Monday, August 15, 2011

Inspiration Monday - Crayons

They were my favorite as a child... I can still remember when I got my first box of 64!  with-a-built-in-sharpener AND everything!!!!  I think I felt the earth move that day!  And, how I treasured that box of umlimited possiblities.  Color galore.  Brings happy tears to my eyes.

Crayons still make me a little giddy. And, happily my 5 year old daughter loves to color and craft. We spend many an hour coloring side by side.  I with my (well, technically they are hers) crayons, her with her markers... which are her favorite. Who knows... maybe years from now she will be writing almost the same thoughts about markers! :)
I also now work out color schemes of paintings while I color with my girl.  I'll scan my black and white drawing, print out a few copies, and experiment with crayons.

When is the last time you played with crayons? grabbed a handful and went crazy with color and abandon?
Go ahead... take a fistful, take a deep breath of that glorious crayony smell --- and go create something fun and wonderful.  That's were I'm headed now....

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