Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Inspiration - Fall Harvest, Tomatoes

Ah - tomatoes!  I look forward to the late summer, early autumn just for them.   And, I could eat them at every meal so I took this photo as soon as I could - before they were gone.  They are sneak preview of leaf colors that we will see as we move deeper into the Fall.

The colors are simply gorgeous - vivid, inspiring and bottomless.

So as with all my visual obsessions... I have to paint them.  I painted this basket of tomatoes a few years back.  And my biggest challenge was the depth and vibrancy of the color - that color goes beyond red!  I used layers and layers of glazed color, many of which were lemon yellow, to achieve the luminosity.

The original painting hangs in my kitchen bringing me a vivid reminder of those stunning colors year round. 

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