Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Effect of Color

"Bridges of Memorial Park, Winter", watercolor on paper, 7x9, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

It's funny, I started this painting on a blazing hot day this past summer from a photo I took last winter.  Hoping I could cool myself by diving into a cold, winter scene.  Planning and expecting to paint with cool blues dominating.  But, hard as I tried I kept being drawn to the spots of warm morning sunlight hitting and reflecting under the bridge. And, they kept getting hotter and hotter.

My frustration was growing as my cool blue, icy snow painting was radiating heat... and yellows, golds and oranges started to dominate.

I abandoned ship (or bridge) about 3/4 the way through this painting - disgruntled.  Annoyed that I could not consciously control my color choices.  The outside temps of 100 had taken over.  So I walked away, and found a spot in front of the air conditioner with a pencil and sketchbook.  (no color to control or be controlled with an HB pencil)

My husband hoped I would finish it - he loved what was developing.  But, I put it away so it couldn't taunt me... making it clear the heat was winning!

I took it out this week because I wanted to free up the watercolor block it was on.  I had a choice - to slice it off the block unfinished and consider it a loss, or actually complete it.  I chose to finish, realizing that the snow outside my window was going to assist me.  
It did! Thank you!

I left the 'heat' of the painting exactly as it was created during the summer... but was able to finish the cool snow and shadows as I had originally intended.  

I am happy with the results, but stand amazed at how much the weather, the light, and the color around me effect what I create!

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