Thursday, June 28, 2012

Color Inspiration - Azure (#1)

The other morning I was struck by the beauty of the crisp clear blue sky as I went for a run.  A gorgeous blue sparkling in contrast to the bright, fluffy white clouds.  That color got stuck in my head for days.  It is a color, when paired with white, that seems to announce summertime!

Azure. Cerulean. Lapis Lazuli... ok, I know, too light to be Lapis but that name is lilting and magical, and I just had to use it.  
I have been collecting, noting, snapping photos of this color everywhere...
Bright and playful in a park.

Making a lively theater ensemble.

even an ordinary hydrant becomes charming.

and a fabulous garage tucked away just leapt out at me.

Not sure yet how I will be using this color, but it is certain to show up in something new as it swirls in and around me.

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