Friday, May 3, 2013

Happy May - Celiac Awareness Month

May has arrived with abundant sunshine (vitamin D) and all is in bloom. Out of nowhere everything is bathed in a soft palette of green, pink, white and lavender. I can ignore the pollen sticking to my contact lenses in favor of appreciating the beauty all around!
And, with May comes Celiac Awareness Month... and I will do my part to help spread the awareness. My awareness tip of the day (and a pet peeve of mine) :
Contrary to popular belief gluten does not add flavor to baked goods.
When baking cake, cupcakes or muffins it's the chocolate, the vanilla extract,the almond extract, the orange zest, the bananas, etc that supply the flavor. Not the gluten.
Texture, yes. Flavor, no.
Though with all the brilliant gluten free bakers out there these days - there are more and more recipes and mixes that have fantastic texture sans gluten. And, of course, flavor.

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