Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finding What Makes You Happy

My sketchbook makes me happy.
to work on it
to flip through it
and to catch glimpses of it... all makes me happy!

So I put this practice tile by the kitchen sink with my "possibility' stone.  An uplifting daily reminder.

and I leave my sketchbook out in different locations each day so I can see it when I am not expecting to.  And that peek can turn my day around.

The coasters that I hand draw, paint, letter and stamp are like an extension of my sketchbook, lovely 4" squares of sketchbook stone possibility - and I am loving the process of working on them!
As I dig to discover what about my sketches brings me joy I realize...
it represents freedom, acceptance, fun, courage, exploration, comfort, confidence, abundance, satisfaction, contentment.

All that with a little paper, ink and paint.

I've learned that my sketchbook packs a powerful punch.

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