Monday, February 15, 2016

Value and Perception

Anytime you devalue an artist, or a piece of artwork - asking for it to be less, or free - expecting an artist, an illustrator, a designer, a painter to work for nothing - or close to it... 
Just take a moment and think what this world would be like without the artists and creatives that have devoted their time and lives to honing, developing and perfecting their skills, their art and their craft.
Imagine a world without any art museums
or if every children's book was just text
if there were no illustrations in comic books
if every book cover was blank except for a text title, identical to all other books
if every painting in your home was a blank canvas
if every pattern on your linens, dishes, home decor and clothing were just a Blank White Space.

And when you de-value the art teachers that are inspiring and instructing the next generations of creators to reach their potential and use their God-given talent.. what if they weren't there to do their part? 

Imagine what a colorless, dull, uninspiring world we would live in.
Just imagine.

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