Friday, February 6, 2009


" Midnight in the Garden", acrylic, 20x24 copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

I created this blog back in April 08 with the intent to chronicle my transition to be fully gluten free, as I lived it. I didn't realize how ill I was until I took on the task of healing.

Planning, preparing, baking, researching... stretched my already jammed schedule nearly to the breaking point. I had no time or energy for writing/illustrating when I was so busy just getting through each day, ever watchful of any lurking gluten.

I didn't know when I began that it would take months to uncover all the gluten I was consuming. I didn't know the exhaustion would take so very long to fade. I was certainly unprepared for the withdrawal and the force at which it hit - especially since I was already on a very low gluten diet. (My husband was amazingly supportive through this very rough phase).

It took months of being rigidly watchful, suspicious of all foods, ignoring the naysayers who told me "it wasn't worth it" or "that it must be something else or you would feel better by now" or "why was I sick again?" It meant giving up the convenience of take-out, the enjoyment of dining out, bringing my own food everywhere or sometimes just being hungry. It meant staying positive, getting scoped in case the situation had gotten more serious, and believing that if it took a lifetime to get this bad, that it would take time to heal.

I did it because I believed it was the answer. And it was.

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