Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Perfection on a Plate

copyright Erin Rogers Pickering, watercolor and ink on paper

I found perfection on a plate at BabyCakes in NYC.

Warm, cozy, inviting, charming, with such a friendly staff and - the cupcakes are out of this world! The gloomy, rainy day suddenly seemed warm and sunny. Guess it’s the light pink walls, soft glow of light, the divine baking scent and lovely staff. And knowing the cupcakes are gluten free so I could safely go crazy!

I had a chocolate brownie cupcake with vanilla frosting topped with delicate chocolate chips. Words can't adequately describe the velvety texture, the rich chocolate flavor, the sweet, but not overly so, divine frosting. Heaven on a plate. A perfect cupcake. I sketched it and then I ate it, giving me time to appreciate and savor the experience.

I have an extra appreciation for BabyCakes for having Pacific rice milk for my coffee... A truly gluten free rice milk.

If you are in NYC its worth the trip downtown.

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    Melinda said...

    What a great little watercolor! Glad you found a "safe spot" to enjoy a bit of dessert! Lucky you!

    Diary of a Madd Weekly Painter said...

    Hi Erin, I love your art work, so fresh and original. I'm following your blog now and I'm off to see your etsy shop! Best Wishes, Sue

    Roy L. Pickering Jr. said...

    I'm still upset that you didn't bring home a cupcake for me. :-)