Friday, April 16, 2010

My 2 year Gluten-Free Anniversary

"Alfresco Dining" second in series of 3, watercolor on paper, Copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

Tomorrow is the 2 year mark of my ah ha moment and my fierce commitment to live completely gluten-free. I am reminded that April has always been lightning rod of change for me.  I find it fitting that in this month of change, growth, and rebirth, I celebrate my very important step, and all the health and happiness it has brought.

In April I celebrate some highest of highs... my husband proposing, and our daughter being born. And remember my lowest lows of April’s past... Losing my mom and being attacked on a NYC subway platform. I have learned and grown from all.

This weekend is all about celebrating - celebrating my choice, and the rewards it has brought, to take control of my health and banish all the gluten... forever.  I feel better than I have in years and am grateful every morning for my little girl and her blue balloon.

Raising my glass to a future of health, happiness, love and creativity.


gfe--gluten free easily said...

What a poignant post, Erin. Beautifully written. You are yet another person who has proven that one can rise above adversity and make wonderful things happen. I love that painting. And, I love how you show like so many others have that gluten free is doable and makes you feel phenomenal! I just wrote a blog post related to living gluten free and how difficult it can or cannot be. If you get a moment, read and share your thoughts.

All the best to you,

Iris said...

Congratulations on being two years gluten free!

erin rogers pickering said...

Thanks Shirley - and I just read your blog post which was excellent! And forwarded it to a friend who was just diagnosed yesterday.

erin rogers pickering said...

Thanks Iris - it is hands down the best decision I have ever made! :-)