Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The luck o’ the Celiac Irish

"Shamrock Stiletto", watercolor & ink, 5x7, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

Almost 2 years into living totally gluten-free I consider myself very lucky...

Lucky to have found the source of all that ailed me.

Lucky to have rid myself of all the gluten long enough to see real healing.

Lucky to have a husband who supported me through the good, the bad, the ugly, and most especially the really ugly - withdrawal.

Lucky to have a kitchen that is virtually gluten-free.

Lucky to have a daughter, not yet 4, who looks out for me and has a grasp of cross-contamination.

Lucky for an amazing GF community on twitter.

Lucky for all the understanding and respect from family and friends.

Lucky to be able to return to my art.

Lucky that the daily pain and headaches are gone.

Lucky that I now am comfortable baking - and appreciative of all who share gf recipes.

Lucky that the gluten-free product choices continue to grow.

Lucky that there are chefs and restaurants that are rising to the challenge of serving tasty and safe gluten-free meals so I can dine out occasionally.

Lucky that I can sit down to a gluten-free St. Patrick’s Day meal tonight! Complete with hard cider.

Lucky that the power of healing is in my hands and with every meal I eat I get healthier.


May the GF products rise to meet you. 
May the gluten consumption forever be behind you.
May the sun – and all its glorious Vitamin D – be warm upon your face.
And, may the GF grains fall softly on your baking.

Happy St Patrick’s Day to all!

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