Friday, September 17, 2010

Painting a Week 52 Week Challenge, Painting #10

I definitely went off course this summer for too many reasons.  I broke a promise to myself, and I can’t let it happen again.  I can not let my painting get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list… and I need to be especially aware of it when crisis or chaos hits (and there were a few of those recently). But,
I’m back in the game.  

Funny thing is… I don’t do that with my diet, for any reason.  When I committed to eating gluten-free 2 ½ years ago I made a promise to myself (and my husband & daughter)… and I have stuck with it come hell or high water.  Now I need to apply that level of commitment and determination here.

So… I present you with #10, a majestic cardinal that has lived all around our yard last winter and spring.  Relentlessly pursuing his bride…  they had their family in the bush right outside our living room window. We had the pleasure of seeing the babies up close when they were oh so small.

See you in a week with #11!

PS - I did manage to create 9 new shoe illustrations for my Holiday Collection in the last 6 weeks, so my brush hasn’t been completely idle.  New shoes will be posted soon.

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