Thursday, April 17, 2014

Celebrating 6 years Gluten-Free!

6 years ago today I had the most significant ah ha moment of my life!  The moment when I knew in my heart of hearts - and yes, in my gut, that it was time to live gluten-free.  If it didn't work, so be it - but I had to give it a try because I could no longer stand the constant pain and dragging my way through each day.  

The first few weeks - and months - were an enormous struggle, but I stumbled through it (and it got easier) I made a conscious choice to focus on what was working. I focused on the good moments, new food finds, connections, knowledge gleaned - and the slowly decreasing headaches. I put my focus on the successes, and celebrated the abundance and joy that it was bringing, and not the deprivation or what (I thought) I was missing.
That choice made all the difference.

Flash forward 6 years, I am running regularly, getting out of bed with energy, thinking clearly, am relatively pain free... headaches on occasion, migraines are rare, bone pain is gone!  This is worth repeating - the bone pain is gone and migraines are rare!!  I am no longer a just list of aches, pains, problems and auto-immune disorders.  It is a wonderful place to be. 
Today I stand strong in a place of deep gratitude, and tonight we feast in celebration! The abundant menu includes: butternut squash soup, garlic and cheese pizza bites, and sausage with peppers and onions.
Looking forward to many healthy, vibrant years to come!

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