Thursday, April 10, 2014

Choice and Taking Control with Gluten-Free Living

Seems to be a new expression around... "I am gluten-free, but not by choice."  I keep hearing and reading that phrase and it irks me.

It sounds like an apology. Like, "it's not my fault so don't blame me for being gluten-free." Understandable to a certain degree as I read the never ending stream of articles written criticizing gluten-free people... "fad diets, trendy, picky eaters, blah blah blah." The problem is the person who says "not my choice" has handed control of their body over to an outside source and given in to the naysayers.  In essence they have given away their power. 
Their power to heal. 
And they could end up missing the opporutnity to take positive control of their health.

Think about it... if you choose gluten-free based on tests, reactions, recommendations, etc you will keep making good choices because you are in control, and you know what ingesting the wrong thing can do to you. And, so you find good substitutes, get creative, and maybe start cooking and experimenting... and as a result you feel SO much better and can do the things you dream of doing!
But, if someone is telling you that you must eat a restricted, difficult diet (their words, not mine!) then it may be approached begrudgingly and cheating can happen - and then you are cheated of healing and vitality!

The point is none of us chose ill health, gluten intolerance or celiac disease. I sure didn't.  But, I did choose gluten-free eating (against recommendations).  And, it turned my health around.
Completely turned my health around!  and rid me of 30+ years of agonizing migraines. 

So if that is what you are working/dealing/struggling with, then gluten free living is the answer. And it should never be an apology.  No one should be denied good, vibrant health. 

And, certainly no one should have to apologize for wanting and striving for good health and quality of life.

"I choose it, and by choosing it I have power and control over my body."


Unknown said...

Well-said Erin! Words are so powerful, even the the smallest phrase can make all the difference in our health.

erin rogers pickering said...

Hi Carol! Thank you for the kind words, and I absolutely believe how we see things affects the process and the outcome!