Friday, September 18, 2015

The Dressmaker, a vignette

Enter the Dressmaker's charming cottage.  She leads you up the staircase to her studio,  the air heavy with the past.  With history.  With memories of all the dresses, and the women, and the stories that came before you. So many stories.  Some memories faded and receding. All held within the dress form.

What will she create and craft for you?  How will the fabric, the mannequin and your story guide her? How does she see you?  How do you imagine yourself?  Will she bring to life a commanding stiff brocade,  a shimmering iridescent taffeta,  or a soft, flowing and ethereal chiffon.  

She will be inspired by your story,  your essence,  your dreams.  So cozy up on her workroom sofa, sipping the hot tea and she will quietly, gently ask questions as you examine the fabrics. And she will learn your story. She will create a dream of a gown that is for you alone.

And your story will be held and cherished by the mannequin on which it was sculpted, adding to it's rich history.

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