Friday, October 7, 2016

An Indoor Herb Garden - Fresh Herbs with Dinner

I am terrible with plants. I love them but they are pretty much in the process of dying while in my care.
The bad-with-plants expression is quite often referred to as 'A Black Thumb', but I prefer to call it a RED thumb.  Red being the opposite of green, seems a more accurate description.
Red like - STOP, before you kill that poor unsuspecting plant! 

But, though I truly stink at it, I can't help but keep trying. I love having fresh herbs and flowers around.  The aroma and the beauty are unmatched. As for cooking with fresh over dry - there is no comparison in flavor.

Now as we say
goodbye to summer I have been possessed  to get an indoor herb garden set up. We have been in our house over a year I have identified the best spot for them to soak up the shining sun!  The ledge has been cleared, the area set, and I started with two plants from the kitchen window sill to pre-populate the spot. A basil plant and gerbera daisy.

Yesterday I added rosemary and cilantro. The smell of the rosemary in the living room is amazing. Looking forward to adding more to the garden and more fresh herbs to my cooking.

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