Sunday, October 2, 2016

Looking for Sunshine, Daily Sketch

Day 6 of grey skies. We left summer behind and it seems the sun went with it.  Drags me down when we go this many days in a row without sunshine. Without brightness and sparkling light.  

The smoky cast over everything, the dark mornings,  the misty colorless afternoons.  It starts to wear on me when there is no sun to break it up.
So yesterday's drawing prompt for the sketch group I lead, was to draw something yellow. Look around and find something sunshiny- yellow!  Hoping that maybe as a group we could conjure the sun. And feel it's warmth by focusing and drawing yellow.

During my morning run a bright yellow leaf appeared along a stretch road that was all rust and grey and brown.  She stood out like a beacon of brightness, I knew then what I was going to sketch as I scooped her up.  Yes, she as this leaf had personality, it called out to me, and made me feel bright and happy and sunny.

For the rest of the run dozens of other yellow leaves stood out brightly - begging to be included.  By the time I arrived at home, I was carrying a bouquet of sunshine. 

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