Thursday, September 22, 2016

Do You Do What You Love Every Day?

I found this on Awakened Musings instagram page.
It immediately struck me - and I set to making my lists. At first glance I found I was including many of the things on my Happy List every day!  
But then I kept going, digging a little deeper, really thinking about my happiness list... and admitted to letting a lot slide by the wayside. Getting caught up in the daily to-dos and get dones, forever checking the calendar, the time, next, next, next... doesn't leave much space for it.

But this was an excellent reminder to take note of what does bring me happiness - the little things that make me smile, feel connected, content and joyful. 

Some were obvious to me like painting, drawing, mixing paint, walking/running, meditating and hugging my family.

But what about wearing beautiful shoes, drinking hot coffee and daydreaming as the sun comes up, deep belly laughs, poking around in a bookstore or antique shop, writing morning pages, and eating dark chocolate, to name a few.
This is certainly a work in progress and I intend to continue listing and adjusting, listing and adjusting. 

Will you take time to make yours today? 
And then, adjust accordingly...


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