Friday, September 9, 2016

Hurricane Spaghetti

Hermine came and went earlier this week, with little effect on Northern NJ.  I consider it very lucky that she turned out to sea - and hope we can get through the rest of the season with that kind of luck! 
But, that doesn't mean I wasn't ready. After living through Irene and Super Storm Sandy - I do not take hurricane threats lightly.  Best to be prepared with essentials, because we know what bad can be.

So I stocked up on bottled water, batteries, did a little baking, brewed just-in-case coffee, filled the gas tank, had cash on hand, and kept all electronics fully charged.  
And food. 
Gluten-free food that could be eaten as is, or cooked on the stove. We have a gas stove, which has been a lifesaver when we have been without power. (I will always choose a house - and stove - with gas!)

One of the warmest memories I have of Super Storm Sandy is cooking 'Hurricane Spaghetti' by candlelight, while my husband was getting a fire going in the livingroom. We ate dinner that night at the coffee table warmed by the roaring fire, and it is one of the loveliest memories I have. So while I was gathering essentials for Hermine's arrival, spaghetti was at the top of my list.
 Illustration from Simply Gluten Free Magazine, Sept/Oct 2016

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