Sunday, November 6, 2016

Gluten-Free Thanksgiving Gravy

As a child I was always so excited to see the good china come out for the Holidays - especially when we were old enough, and deemed responsible enough, to handle the gravy boat.  The gravy boat always stood out as the coolest and most fascinating piece on the heavily laden table. They still fascinate me - the unlimited variety of shapes and curves, spouts, handles and accompanying spoons. So much fun.

 Well Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and all my good intentions of being ready in advance - this year, are once again slipping from my grasp.  (At least I am consistent)

Luckily there are some things are more of a 'day of' kind of thing, like gravy making. To me Thanksgiving isn't complete without mashed potatoes and gravy, a truly mouth-watering combination. I use Simply Gluten-Free's gravy recipe making my assignment for the Nov/Dec issue that much more fun!  

Working on that assignment inspired my gravy boats illustration. 

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving, seeing the gravy boats come out - and getting to pour a generous amount - as I continue to deem myself grown, and responsible enough to handle the iconic boat!

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