Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Week #4 of 52 Week Painting Challenge

"The Strutting Rainbow", watercolor & ink, 8x10, copyright Erin Rogers Pickering

Over the weekend I got gluten through cross-contamination. It was no one's fault, but accidents happen if you don't live in a bubble. Unfortunately, it brings me to a very dark place.

It goes far beyond the physical discomfort to a dark, dark place where possibility, joy and playfulness no longer exist. Where extreme fatigue and discouragement rule the day. It is a colorless place... and I have to claw my way out. Luckily, the longer I am gluten-free the quicker the rebound becomes.

I created this painting today, as part of my process of return. Originally I planned to paint this rooster in muted, vintage colors. But, when I sat down and faced him... he begged to be painted in vivid and extreme color. Color that vibrates, pulses and lives. Color that can't be missed, or ignored. Color that overflows with possibility, joy and playfulness.

He is a strutting, squawking rainbow. And, he is proof that I am back.


Tia Colleen said...

Cross contamination is our worst nightmare, isn't it? It seems to always happen when we least expect it, and then we're left saying "wait... something isn't right. ...there was gluten". It doesn't take very long before it hits hard.

I hope you're fully recovered soon. Hopefully it wasn't TOO bad (even though it always is).

Its a beautiful painting :)

erin rogers pickering said...

Hey Tia... cross-contamination is the worst! Especially when you are trying SO hard to keep it clean. And, yes, it doesn't take long - and it's very obvious when gluten gets in.
The rebounds are getting shorter tho - I am happy to say. I feel a thousand times better today than I did yesterday... and know tomorrow will be even better.

yesterday I couldn't lift my head off the desk - today I was able to sit here and paint.


gfe--gluten free easily said...

This is beautiful, Erin! I'm on vacation and got cross contaminated. Hence, a day spent mostly in the room.


erin rogers pickering said...

Shirley - sorry to hear that, especially on vacation. Hope you are feeling better quickly so that you can enjoy the rest of it!!
thanks! :-)