Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Produce of the week - Pineapple

Some days putting one foot in front of the other is like climbing a mountain. And if you are able to keep moving forward, even baby steps - it is enough. 
Some days getting up and doing one good thing for your body, is enough.  And, if you can do that every day (just add one thing good for body, mind, spirit) the benefits will add up. 
But for now - just focus on today. 
And focus on that gorgeous pineapple you were inspired to buy.
Because it's fresh and organic. 
And gluten free, and detoxing, and loaded with vitamin C, and manganese, and fiber, and antioxidants, and bromelain, and reduces inflammation. 
It's refreshing, juicy and smells (and tastes) incredible.

But first you face the task of cutting it. It takes time and effort, and is easier if you have a plan. And a big sharp knife!

I researched and created this for Simply Gluten Free Magazine, May/June 2013 and it was a tremendous thing to learn. So I am off to cut my pineapple, and I will take my time. 
Then I will eat some, add some to my lunch salad, and tonight will grill a few slices to add to our grilled chicken.

What will you add today to support you body, mind or spirit?

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