Thursday, May 29, 2014

A Conversation with my Youngest Art Collector

Last night I met with a collector who was purchasing "Mothers... Past, Present, Future" and my 8 year daughter was along for the meeting. She listened to our conversation about art, Moms, parenting, loss, life and age-old friendships. She also watched me like a hawk when she saw me tear up as we were saying goodbye - to the collector and to the piece.
"Mom, how can you sell a painting you love if it makes you sad to let it leave?"

I explained that is was my job to create art and release it to the world. And, that I wasn't truly sad, since I was thrilled it was being purchased, but that is never easy to let a favorite go. But, if my art has deep meaning to me, then it probably will to others. So the more emotional or connected I feel to a piece, the more others will be too. The bottom line really is if I can sell my art, then I can keep painting.  

This morning she was in my studio studying the Vintage Lavender Dress painting, yet again.

"Mom, if I had enough money would you sell me this one? I love it, but I do not want to make you sad."  
As my heart swelled with love, so did my eyes with tears.

I am hanging it in her room today - and the original is hers forever! 

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