Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Would you try Anything to get rid of your migraines?

Would you try anything to get rid of your migraines?
Would you ever sit at work with a banana peel on your forehead because you read it might ease the pain?
Would you ever take 14 pills a day – scary meds – because the Dr said it ‘might work’?
Would you take meds that made your hands or arms numb?
Or made your heart race or go out of rhythm?
Would you subject yourself to test after test after test?
Would you have an MRI every time the next Dr asked, knowing your head would be locked in that cage and you would be sent into the machine?
Would you travel to another city to see a specialist who might be able to help?
Would you eat tree bark? Or something that tasted just like it!
Would you brew and drink tea that smelled so vile it made your stomach turn?
Would you give up ALL chocolate for 22 years, or maybe forever?
Would you read every article, every book, every bit of information looking for clues/answers/relief?
Would you sit in the bathroom in the dark, feet plunged into hot water, ice pack on your head hoping, praying for a moment of relief?
Have you tried acupuncture?
Bio feedback?
Tai chi?
Have you ever brewed coffee at 3am when awakened by an aura, knowing you have 20 minutes before the sledge hammer slams into the side of your head?  That relentless sledge hammer that would go on for hours and hours, and sometimes days on end.

Would you try ANYTHING to get rid of your migraines.
and then the real question... Have you tried everything

Have you tried to eat gluten free? fully gluten free and clean? and stuck with it!
Believe it or not, it's easier than that list you just read. I know first-hand.
And it Just. Might. Work.

Imagine if after 3 or 4 months your migraines were lessening, in intensity and frequency… and then continued to diminish and slide away.

Imagine your debilitating, mind-bending, life-robbing migraines becoming a thing of the past.

Imagine going from 2-3 migraines a week, to maybe 3 migraines a year!


Would you do it?
Would you try it?



gfe--gluten free easily said...

Thanks so much for sharing your story, Erin! Just shared on my personal Facebook page and will share more. :-) I'm so happy that gluten free made you a brand new, almost totally headache-free person!


erin rogers pickering said...

Hi Shirley,
Thanks for your lovely note and for sharing! it is info that so many migraine sufferers never hear. And eating GF is SO much easier than the other 'cures'