Thursday, May 1, 2014

Paleo Gluten and Grain Free Muffins - Recipe Review

I admit that somedays I miss bread, and I don't mean gluten bread, but any bread. I avoid even the GF flours and baked goods because of too many issues that point to a tapioca intolerance, so I gave up the lot of them. Most days I am fine with it, but sometimes I dream of bread or muffins.  I always had a weak spot for muffins!

When I stumbled on PaleOMG's zucchini apple spice muffins I was intrigued. 

And, honestly not quite convinced that the assortment of ingredients listed could actually achieve a muffin, no less a fluffy one!  Sounded more like a veggie side dish, or possibly an interesting omelet. 

I kept looking at the photo of the finished product, and dreaming of the taste and aroma so I gave it a shot.  My husband came in the kitchen while I was grating and draining the zucchini and said "I thought you were baking muffins?"  I am... hmmm, we shall see.

The recipe was simple enough, needed no complicated equipment or ingredients, and the most time consuming part was allowing the zucchini to fully drain after grating.  I poured the initial liquid off then kept flattening it with a spatula on a tilted plate while I went about other kitchen chores. Every 10 minutes or so pouring off the liquid.  

The recipe yields 9 muffins but I usually make 12 slightly smaller muffins so I can make them last longer.  The last batch I baked went too fast!  They are a new favorite, and staple, in this house which inspired my illustration! Thank you Juli - these muffins are genius! 

RATINGS, from 1-5 spatulas
Time: most timely part is draining off the liquid from zucchini, 4
Ease:  easy to follow, no complicated steps or equipment, 5
Ingredient availability: pretty basic ingredients, 5
Taste:   moist, chewy, not overly sweet, divine, 5

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