Thursday, May 8, 2014

Yes, it is Pizza. Recipe Review of Paleo Cauliflower Crust

Recently I got up the nerve to try Against All Grain Danielle Walker's Cauliflower pizza crust.  I say "got up the nerve" because it was pretty hard to imagine turning a head of cauliflower into a pizza, and I had just read an article on Huffington Post about what is, and what isn't, pizza (it was actually quite funny).  

But once again, curiosity and a craving for flavor won out!

I had a big head of cauliflower sitting there just asking to be used.  So I jumped in and gave it a try.  All the prep was done when my husband and daughter were out, so they didn't know what was in the crust... and I decided to keep it a secret until the taste test.

I made ours a white pizza with sauteed garlic, oil and loads of cheese.  The aroma of it baking was mouth-watering!

I did not achieve the crispiness that Danielle has in her photos, but I realize I should have pressed it down much thinner before baking.

I've made it twice and the second time was definitely more successful. I believe I will continue to improve my technique.  Because I will be making it again!  Cooking and baking are all about experimenting, testing, trying - and trial and error.
We all enjoyed it. And, they had no idea it was cauliflower.

Is it pizza?  Maybe not what you get at the corner pizzeria, but to me it was - and it was truly delicious! 

Ratings, from 1- 5 spatulas
Time: 3 pulsing, steaming, pressing, baking takes time but it's still not to lengthy
Ease: 4 a fair amount of steps involved, but not very difficult
Ingredient Availability: 5 a quick trip to any supermarket
Taste: 5 I was not able to achieve the crispness but lovely and delicious

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